Exercise for arthritis uk

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It's natural to want to avoid exercise if you're worried about pain caused by arthritis, but not moving can actually do you harm as the body is designed to move. Arthritis affects the joints in our body. They allow our bones to move freely while stopping them from moving too far.

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Our joints are supported and held in place by our muscles. So keeping muscles strong with strengthening exercises can help keep our joints secure.

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If our muscles become weak, Our joints can become unstable and painful joints are held together by a capsule and ligaments. They have a soft inner.

A herbal medicine made from rosehips may regenerate joints in people crippled by arthritis, say scientists.

Called the synovial. This makes thick fluid that protects joints and keeps them moving freely thin layers of tough, but slippery exercise for arthritis uk called cartilage acts as a protective cushion to stop bones rubbing against each other.

If your cartilage is affected by a condition like osteoarthritis, you might hear crunching or clicking noises when you move, but this doesn't mean you're doing any damage to your joints.

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Keeping our joints moving helps to nourish our cartilage and keep it healthy. So how does exercise help arthritis exercise is one of the best things you can do to improve your symptoms of arthritis. There are three main ways that can help keeping our joints moving maintains our range of movement and flexibility, which helps reduce stiffness doing exercise that puts weight through our bones is important to keep them healthy and strong and reduce your risk.

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Of developing other health conditions, such as osteoporosis balance exercises help to reduce the risk of falls, which can in turn reduce the risk of breaking bones generally exercise that makes you feel out of breath and gets your heart.

It's also.

Are a great thing to do for your mental health. It might be hard to get going at first, especially if you have pain but starting slowly and gradually building up can make a huge difference.

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Try to find exercises that are right for you and that you enjoy building them into your daily routine helps develop a habit to keep symptoms at bay.